Candidate and his Parish

From the beginning, the progression to the Permanent Diaconate should be an outgrowth from a man’s ministries in his parish. Most inquirers come with experience in one or many of the following areas:
• Liturgy (EMHC, Lector, Sacristan, Music)
• Catecheis (Catechist, RCIA, Adult Ed)
• Charity (Minister to the homebound or hospital, Food Pantry, Visits to the Incarcerated)
The formation process for the Diaconate then potentially extends the man knowledge in our rich Catholic faith, explores areas of Spirituality and Theology, and provides insight and formation into Sacraments and Liturgy.
The Pastor begins the process by meeting with the couple; and then, if he chooses, nominates the couple for consideration to the Diaconate. The Pastor also becomes part of the formation process from the introduction to Ordination and beyond.
Lastly, the parish becomes a place for the diaconate candidate to grow in his ministry, with feedback, encouragement, and prayers from the parishioners and staff.
Costs. The formation costs for a Diaconate Candidate are provided by the Parish and the Archdiocese. While the cost will continue to be split after acceptance, the cost to the parish during the two years of Inquiry is four hundred dollars ($400) per year for the Inquirer and four hundred dollars a year for his wife, if she attends the classes (audit or credit). The only major cost to the couple will be the price of the books.