The Process

Getting Started – NOTE: we start new group (Cohort) every two years (2017, 2019, 2021,…)

  1. Meet with your Pastor – download and fill out Pastor Nomination Form and mail in.  When we receive the Pastor Nomination Form, we will send you an invitation to Deacon Information Night.
  2. Attend Deacon Information Night – Introduction to the Diaconate. What does it mean to be a deacon in our Archdiocese and an explanation of the Formation Process (6 years)…then continue with the next level of the discernment process.  Submit a Petition to continue.  When we receive the Petition, we will send an invitation to Application Night.
  3. Attend Deacon Application Night – Discuss the discernment for the family and the Inquirer, review the Application for the Permanent Diaconate and answer questions.
  4. Registration Night – approximately 1-2 months before classes start for the next cohort (Jan 2017, 2019, 2021, 2023, …) you will be asked to fill out registration forms to start classes, indicating that your intention to pursue Diaconate Formation.
  5. Inquiry Formation Begins
    1. Year 1 – Academic Prerequisite classes (weekly on weeknight, Jan-May, Aug-Dec)
      1. Introduction to Old Testament
      2. Faith and Tradition I: Creed and Sacrament
      3. Introduction to New Testament
      4. Faith and Tradition II: Christian Morality & Prayer
    2. Year 2 – Academic Prerequisite classes, Saturday sessions begin for Spiritual, Human, and Pastoral Formation (one Saturday per month, 8:30am – 5pm, Jan-May, Aug-Dec)
      1. Introduction Biblical Studies
      2. Introduction to Philosophy
      3. Introduction to Theological Methods
      4. Selection occurs by Admissions Team
      5. Introduction to the Theology of the Diaconate
    3.  Admissions Team (18 members of Deacons and Wives) – review each Inquirer for Continuation to Formation
  6.  Candidate Formation for those selected. Year 3-6 – Academic University of St. Thomas Classes, Saturday session continue for Spiritual, Human, and Pastoral Formation.